First Week with Google Glass


So I have had my Google Glass for a week now and to be honest they have been met by mixed responses.


I have held off on one of the ‘unboxing posts‘, there are a few out there. As you would it expect it came with the charger, plug, protective bag and a couple of lenses to actually make them a pair of glasses. I have to say I was really disappointed with my Glass pick up. No one in the fancy loft above Chelsea Market was able to answer any technical questions above the device. They were cheerleaders about the device and “How Cool It Was”, that was it, no one could discuss the Mirror API capabilities.

Another disappointment was finding out that a lot of the out-of-box location/navigation functionality requires an Android device. All of the Google people were saying that they will hopefully be able to get an application for iOS 7, but now there is nothing for the iPhone. That was pretty disappointing, but I have been able to get access to the location information via the API and am wrapping some logic to do location services in Glassware and not relying on a device native application.

I have been trying to use them and get used to wearing them and using them as something other than a camera on my head. But I admit, it is one of the biggest things it has going for it out of the box.


We have been getting a lot of rain here on the East Coast and I don’t think I’ve taken my boat off the rack except to paddle in over a week.

Hopefully next week I will be able to have my first publicly accessible application available, it is pretty simple right now. Basically it is a service are look up application, take the location information from the device and report back to the device information from an ArcGIS Server REST end point.

One thought on “First Week with Google Glass

  1. Hey Sean,
    Cool. What APIs are you using so far?
    Wouldn’t it be useful for the Glass to alert you when you are nearing any of these fine locations?

    If you need to do a buffer operation –